Share my device with other Users?

I am building a short course at Texas A&M University to demonstrate some basic IOT functionality to high school teachers.

We are using the Texas Instruments CC3200 Launchpad and I have taken the Bring-Your-Own-Device approach.

I have successfully received sensor data from my devices on Cayenne Dashboard. Now I’d like to know, can I allow another user to also view my device data? This would make our demonstration more effective.

Hi @david.malawey,

Your timing is very appropriate. We are going to release a dashboard sharing feature very soon, which will allow you to give any user a URL where he/she can then control and view the widgets you’ve created.

I’d be very interested to hear about the short course you’ve created and how you are using Cayenne…is there anything I can support you with? Feel free to shoot me message at too.



Just following up here. The sharing feature is now live. See the Sharing option in the blue banner of any project dashboard.


At the company a have a couple of temperature sensors which log data to the account created at the company. I created a share link to the dashboard for viewing only/
I tried to open the link on my mobile device (iphone) but it redirects me to the app store. It does not allow to open the link in the browser.
I already use the cayenne app for another mydevices account.
Is there a way to just open the link or add the device (from the other account) to the cayenne app on my phone.

this is because cayenne have not done a native sharing feature for the mobile apps. If you can do a desktop version on like a tablet of iphone, then it will work. But for mobile devices, probably it will ask you to download app since screen resolution is so small.

You can try to use the option “Request desktop version” Some people have reported success with that, but other makes no difference. Depends on the screen size of your device.

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