How to test device connection to cayenne server?


is there any method to test connection between a device and cayenne server?
I am using Lilygo TTGO T-CALL with ARDUINO ide.
Every thing is fine except for one problem, sometimes i have a stable network connection with GPRS service running on my modem but i can’t re-connect to cayenne if i lost communication for any reason,
now, i would like to know if my device will automatically re-connect to cayenne server during main loop or no? and the command to test connection to server please.
Thank you in advance.

Any help?

It should automatically try to reconnect without you doing anything. As for a way to test, I’m not exactly sure if you are looking to test from the device itself with GPRS. If you simply want to see if the service is up globally you can telnet to the port from a PC. telnet 1883

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