Hydroponics Internet of Farming


About This Project

This project was created to monitor and control my small ebb and flow hydroponics system. The IoT system monitors temperature, light intensity and soil moisture level. The system is also designed to water the plants on a scheduled event. The system is still a new system. The plants planted are leeks, tomato seeds, chilli seeds and salad seeds. The tomato, chilli and salad seeds are yet to sprout.

What’s Connected

The hardware for this project consists of an Arduino Mega, Ethernet W5100 shield, Relay module, moisture, temperature, light sensor and a submersible aquarium pump.

Triggers & Alerts

The trigger function is used during the moisture monitoring process. It is used as a backup process in case the soil dries up before the three days scheduling event. If the moisture level is below the set value, the relay is turned on to turn on the pump and water the plants in the system. If the moisture level is above the set value, the relay is turned off.


Scheduling is used to turn on the pump to water the system once every three days. The relay module is on for one minute. Then another schedule is used to turn off the relay.

Dashboard Screenshots

Screenshot of dashboard:

Screenshot of scheduling process:

Screenshot of trigger process:

Photos of the Project

Photo of hydroponic system:

Weather Monitoring System