Hysteresis on sensors

i asked this elsewhere, but applies to standard pi too.

I have not had too much time to play yet. Is there a hysteresis function for sensors. So if temp is > X , switch on relay, then switch off at a temp = y or X -n, etc.

I agree say a nominat 5% or 10% threshold could save an awful lot of txt / e-mail on a hovering value !
Looks like the kind of thing that could be fixed with a bit of code.py in a sand box like have a digital that is SET if X > A and RESET if X < B etc…
~ Andrew

The idea is to deal with various opportunities, one could control an air conditioner, so instead of having the air conditioner coming on for short periods to drop 1 degree, one can let the temperature drop a defined amount before the AC gets turned off again. This is much better for the AC than to be switched on for short periods. I know that ACs regulate temperature, however not always wher you want it regulated.

This is just an example, same applies to things like water level in a tank, etc, etc.

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The goal is to allow this with the release of custom coding for Raspberry Pi, as well as ability to use code in trigger logic. :slight_smile:

Custom code in the Pi will be Sooo good and let machine heads rip into some mad algorithm solutions.

Let us know when there is something to start tinkering / testing

~ Andrew

You will be the first to know :slight_smile:

Goos day, is there any feedback on this functionality yet ?

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Hi @edman,

No, we are currently working on getting an API released. This will be done sometime after that. Hang in there!


Looking forward.
DO contact us when it comes to capturing some good key ideas as there are a few gadgets that will be soo good just by making sure they are turned on…
~ Andrew

Has this ever been implemented?

this feature will not be added to cayenne.