I can't choose my analog input's pin


Thanks for time guys. I have a 3 buttons on arduino uno. My code is reads that buttons and collect the data. If all this buttons on the value is 3 and i wanna send this data to my dashboard on Cayennewith Esp8266 but when i choose Sensors—>Generic—>Analog Input i can’t choose my analog input’s pin.
How can i choose this pin ? I selected a device and it is Arduino UNO but its always writing offline. Cayenne looks amazing but i cant use shield and your esp8266 support looks not good. :confused:

Have a nice days MAKERS!


Hi @ozbayalperen1 ,

Welcome to the Cayenne community! Hmmm…in the connectivity drop down, can you try selecting ‘Analog’? Right now you have virtual selected. Though, I’m not sure that will help.

Also, what browser are you using?



My browser is Chrome.


Very weird. Have some time to get on a screenshare so I can see what’s happening?

Here’s my calendar: https://calendly.com/bestes



Ok see you later on Monday 8pm. Cayenne managers are giving a hand. Very nice .