I need help developing a project with Gsm Module Gsm Sim800l

I need help developing a project with Gsm Module Gsm Sim800l, and arduino uno, to control an alarm state in vehicle, when this detects break-in sends message to my cell phone and I can lock the vehicle through the cell phone, and locate its position on the map .
I am not sure, but I bought a kit with, Gprs Gsm Sim800l Module, Arduino Uno R3 Rev3 Atmega328, Acs712 Current Sensor Module, Arduino Relay Module 2 Channels 5v 10a Pic / automotion Residence
I need urgent help!
Thank you very much!!!

Hi @zetaon1,

Right now we don’t have any sketches in the Cayenne Arduino Library to handle communications with Cayenne via GSM. We do have an MQTT API that can be used to write code that would make such a connection – I know you’ll have a number of friends on this forum if you can be the one to supply it! :slight_smile:

I will log this as a feature request for GSM communication support in a future release.

Ignoring the choice of communication for a moment, if you can get the Arduino connected to Cayenne by any of the currently-supported means (various wired and WiFi shields, serial USB connection), you should be able to start adding widgets for the various sensors and building this project on your Cayenne dashboard very easily.

Thanks for the guidance, and as soon as I get some project with this GSM module let me know so I can learn, I’ll check other projects here and learn more.
Thank you very much

Hey Buddy,
I am also working project on GSM SIM 900. and also my concern is about compatible IoT Platform like Sparksfun(Not in Service Now) and Thingspeak. Have you find any other Platform for GSM-based IoT??


I am really surprised to know that cayenne such a big IOT platform for the whole world community doesn’t support GSM data to connect with. Can any guess when it will be??

right now, there are a lot of things on the roadmap . i will put this forward to our team and see what they have to say about it.