Why not use gsm module for outdoor application where WIFI is not available

In application like monitoring noise pollution in different parts of city where WIFI is not available one has to use gsm modem with sim. Why not develop the lib for the same

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Hey @pmnwai,

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We will meet this use case with upcoming feature releases! And I totally see the value in allowing for gsm communication.

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Definately need a GSM/3G Communications option. I have an existing arduino based platform with built in 3G modem I’d love to be able to use with Cayenne!

I am confused. why cant anyone use GSM now… its just connectivity, if you have a GSM modem with a SIM card and you connect it to yoyr Arduino or Pi, then there you have it. Am I missing something?

Cayenne Arduino libraries only supports certain Ethernet shields and WiFi shields at the moment. A Cayenne GSM library would need to be developed and pushed to the community. There could be a way to hack Blynk libraries and use with Cayenne, similar to how ESP8266 can be brought into Cayenne, though I’ve not tried this.


@tim2 @pmnwai

We’re going to be releasing an MQTT API soon, this should allow you to use a board over GSM to communicate with Cayenne. Would you be interested in using this API?


Yes please! As long at it can run on Arduino. I use the current platform with other IoT services using this method with simple HTTP POST commands

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Check out Particle Electron. You can use Arduino libraries and it has cellular connectivity

Hey Buddy,
I’m also looking for GSM based IoT Platform but Unfortunetly this Platform is not support GSM-Arduino till now. So can you Please Suggest me GSM based IoT Platform which has HTTP POST…

Thanks In Advance…