I need information about MQTT

Hello everybody, my name is Mariana I am studient and I have been using Cayenne to make my school projects. But I hadn´t noticed what is MQTT. It appearses below my projects and it says ¨pending device d4…¨but I don´t know whats is this. Can I still use my projects in the same way? or I have to do something with MQTT in order to my projects still work?? help me please.

Hi @marianaaz

MQTT is a protocol that you can use to add any device Cayenne via our ‘Bring Your Own Thing’ API. It sounds like what happened is you began the process of adding a new MQTT device to your account but never completed it, so you have a ‘pending’ MQTT device in your device list.

If you didn’t intend to do this, and your projects are otherwise connected via the Raspberry Pi/Arduino/LoRa options in Cayenne, you can simply remove the pending entry by clicking on it in the left sidebar, then the red ‘Remove’ button in the lower-right.

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ohhh I get it! thank you so much!! and have a nice day! :slight_smile: I didn´t understand that but now I get it. Thanks!!

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You’re welcome

If you have any questions or trouble with Cayenne in the future, you know where to find us! :slight_smile: