I/O for Wifi CCTV Camera Network

I had been playing around with wide area CCTV systems via long range wifi links for some time when the question was raised about also controlling stuff over the same network. Whilst commercial devices did exist many did not have a user friendly interface or where mean for SCADA systems plus lacked the configurability I wanted for sensor selection

After some time hunting around for a nice arduino based solution I came across the KMP Electronics ProDINO Netboard which incorporates 4 relays, 4 opto inputs, RS485 and a onewire interface - pretty much catering for what I required in one neat package whilst having full arduino compatibility.

I soon had a serial Maxbotix Sonar and other senors hooked up and working with KMP’s example website code but it still wasnt really what i was after in terms of a UI

Thats when I discovered Cayenne (whilst i was recouperating from an operation in hospital mind you!).

As soon as I was out - I loaded up the BETA Cayenne libraries into the arduino IDE an LITERALLY minutes later had sonar readings in the dashboard and on the phone app!

I then configured triggers to send alerts via email to my Pushover account and I had a working system ready to be attached anywhere in my wide area Wifi Network!

I’m yet still to deploy it in the real world - I only started playing with Cayenne YESTERDAY!


similar story here.
I’d tried using HomeAssistant, -seemed promising…
but I couldn’t get it to work. At all.

…then I found Cayenne.
20 minutes later (I’m slow), I had my prototype project up and running!

I’ve been designing purpose-built PC boards for my own use lately,
the ProDINO Netboard is definitely pretty kewl!

Yeah i’m sure I’ll do my own boards later as well but the ProDino is an excellent starting point with a bit of “protected” I/O on board and ready to go!

Already brainstorming further ideas for Cayenne!

I’d have to say-
KMP Electronics is DEFINITELY my competition-
Some pretty nice boards.

My next board is gonna be a teeny (Pi Zero footprint)
WiFi connected
(2) 125Vac/3Amp Form “C” relays
connected to #14ga. wire terminal block,
(4) binary inputs connected to #14 wire terminal block
my usual 78SR3.3 voltage regulator/power supply.

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