I would like to log the data on a spreadsheet

Hi I am pretty new to these types of projects, I am hoping there is a way to add the data on my dashboard to a spreadsheet or database.

Any help anyone could give me would be greatly appreciated.

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You can certain do that. Just select your data set (live, m, h, d, custom, etc) and click the download button in the top right of the graph. This will give you a CSV file which you can open in excel or import in to a database.

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Thanks Adam,

Is there a way that the data can be collected automatically via a webhook?

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There is no download button when I open the graph?

Can you send a screen shot of the graph? Also, as of right now there is no other way to get the data.

Hi we spoke a while ago, when I download the data it only downloads parts of the data that I require. can I set when the sensor logs data?

Unfortunately right now you can only download data that is displayed on the graphs. Graphs are being worked on now and I think one of the features that is coming is the ability to download more data.