Graph Data unavailable post Feb 28 2023

Most of my sensor data will not graph if I request data longer than 1 hour as it says “No data available for this period” However, if I select 6mo, then it will graph data up to Feb 28 2023.

I’ve uploaded an example screenshot from DeviceEUI

but I have the sample problem with other sensors.

I’ve tried resetting the dashboard but it has no effect. I do find that I can download data to Excel in CSV format and graph that way, but it would be good to see daily / weekly graphs again as it use to work.

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You can use ‘custom’ date range and I find here in nz that I can get up to approx 36 hour view of data. Also some longer date ranges are possible but in very summary / averaged form.
Note that using data tab option you Can extract most of the data or at least an outline. You will need to download and then use something like a spreadsheet to ‘view’ a plot.
Try importing to Node Red and building and using it’s GUI ?
Hope this helps.
~ Andrew