Icons don't match on smartphone


I changed widget icon on dashboard on computer and it does not change on android


I also see some bugs with the icons regarding Android & Desktop.

Here is screenshot from the Desktop:

Here is from Android:

As you can see, the power switch after changing the icon is blank in the Android App.


@garageopener56 @ognqn.chikov Yes this is because we have not yet push the supported web icons to mobile phones. We set default icons that were supposed to be the fall-back on Android, but looks like may be an issue. For example with your ‘power’ icon Android should have defaulted to one of the Android supported icons. Let me check with team and get back to you guys. Regardless, we will be pushing support for all icons through mobile soon too :slight_smile:


Sounds good :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: I really like the new icons!