I am making a grow box controller. In general, summer crops grow best at temperatures of about 75 to 85 degrees in the daytime and 60 to 75 at night. I can adjust temperature by turning on a vent fan during the day if the temp rises above 85, and shut it off when it reaches 75, but how do I then change it during the night when the lights are off to stay on until the temperature falls to 70? Will there on day be an option to have a trigger happen if TWO events happen or two conditions are met? I could then link the vent fan triggers to whether the lights are on or not. Any suggestions? Will dual condition triggers be one day incorporated? Is there a simple work around I am missing? Thanks!


I know that the Cayenne team is working with multiple condition logic for the triggers (when it will be released I do not know). The option you have is to use MQTT and write your own code with multiple logic expressions. That is ready to do now.

HAHAHA! Your confidence in my abilities far surpasses my actual abilities. But thanks and happy New Year!