Improvements to Cayenne Cloud (RESTful) API documentation

Hello Cayenne community,

We know a lot of people would like to use our RESTful API to create their own app. So I’m hoping you can help us improve it…what improvements can be made?.. Added functionality, bugs that need to be fixed, etc. Please help us improve it!

By the way, we are improving the documentation aspect of the API so it is easier to use and not as difficult to understand / navigate :slight_smile: If you have examples of API documentation that you love, post it.

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Well I don’t know whether it is a bug or not, but I can actually make API calls (to a same dashboard) with different Auth Tokens.
What can be improved:

  • more stable system , sometimes I get time out errors
  • possibility to get access to rpi default widgets as CPU or processes
  • as I think I will edit this post

I think a relatively simple example would be an a big step forward.

The Cloud API is prominent on the website, but does not seem to contain the critical chapter on fetching data from to display in my app. That is, this line, that I later bumped in to:

The Create an API with Thunkable is a nice post, but surprising difficult to work through, and not a system I can dramatically expand to create a full nice Android App.

So somewhere I ran into this github app, which seems to be what I want, but is loaded with detail and background about authorized 100s of devices and listing jobs, similar to the Cloud API doc, but very difficult to find the bit about fetching data to display on my App. In addition, it seems I have to read up on Node, React, Watchman, Homebrew, Xcode, … and Chocolatey? in order to get the sample App working, which is a big investment before I get to Step 1. I have a feeling I can use Android Studio to send that simple query above ( with Auth etc.) to get the numbers I am looking for and then add colors, bar graphs, buttons, and then later add the stuff about adding devices, and working with cayenne jobs, etc.

So if I am right, I’ll post the simple “Windows made, Android App - Fetch and Display some Cayenne data on a Samsung” or if that exists somewhere already, that would be even better.

You could also add a introduction, a map, about how Mqtt Api, Cloud Api, Lora devices, homemade cayenne controlled iot devices, Raspberry devices, fit together in the big IOT universe with the mydevices website in the middle with a collecting data side, and the displaying data side, and the analytics side if that exists.

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@jameszahary Hey I made some API tutorials: Thunkable, Postman, Java… The last one is the one you want

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