Industrial guidance and security system

About This Project

The main aim of our project is to overcome the safety and security issues in
industries. The purpose of emphasis on safety is because the lives of employees is
at stake during the operation of machines used in a large scale in industries. The
project includes three modules.
The first module denies access to any person who is not authorized to
operate the machine. This ensures security of operation for the machine and the
processes implemented by the operation of the machine.
The second module is the safety precautions to be taken before inspecting
or repairing a machine at fault. Any worker who wishes to access the machine for
a specific cause must have minimal safety requirements like helmet, gloves,
goggles and earplugs at the minimum. Absence of any one of this will trigger an
alarm that restricts operation of the machine and instructs the worker to put on the
safety gear before attempting to use the machine.
The third module corresponds to the delivery of instructions regarding
machine operation to a new worker. The usage of the probationary card gives
necessary information regarding the usage of the machine, thus saving time and
effort of an experienced employee in explaining the system working.
The fourth module relates to the display of fault detected in the machine.
When a service personnel wishes to detect the fault in the huge, complicated
machinery, it consumes time. Instead if the faults like error in continuity,
temperature or the voltage overshoot is cause of the problem, the machine
automatically inspects the same and conveys it to the service personnel so that he
may immediately look into the action to be taken.

What’s Connected

Arduino Mega 2560 Board

Triggers & Alerts

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Safety Instructions

Faulty working of machine