The Judges Have Spoken! ~CONTEST RESULTS~

Please find the contest results below. Our judges have selected their favorites according to the contest judging criteria.

A HUGE thank you to everyone who participated in the contest. I hope you enjoyed creating your projects as much as I (& the Cayenne team) enjoyed reading about them. You rock! :+1: Everyone will be sent the participation prize, and those who won any of the 1st place - 20th place prizes will be contacted individually.

Grand Prize Winner - FREE trip to Maker Faire Bay Area!

Congratulations @vapor83 for being selected as the grand prize winner!

2nd Place - $200 USD + free shipment of Arduino LoRa node shield


3rd Place - $150 USD + free shipment of Arduino LoRa node shield


4th Place - $100 USD + free shipment of Arduino LoRa node shield


5th Place - 10th Place - $50 USD

10th Place - 20th Place - $25 USD

Honorable Mentions


Congratulations @all :+1:


Congrats everyone!


Congrats @vapor83 & @ognqn.chikov !
Your projects looks very professional and very well explained. They allow me to learn more and more about Arduino and Cayenne features.

Nice job and congrats all guys


Thank you very much! Congratulations to everyone who have participated. The most important is to participate, not to win! :slight_smile:


Congratulations everyone! :slight_smile:

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Congrats to everyone, but especially to the top ones. You have really made good projects :smiley:

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I did not win anything :frowning: , but I’m glad to see many interesting projects taking part.
At least I got the swag pack …


Benny, good to hear my project is rewarded, pitty I do need to come to the US to collect my prize, but no problem enjoying a deserved holiday in France. Thanks again.

Kind regards,

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