Install Hung Up on Software Components

I am an absolute beginner here so please be patient. Just got Raspberry Pi 3 B, loaded Jessie, and attempted to download Cayenne. The process has been hung up on “Software components” for hours. I am not getting any error messages, just have the spinning grey wheel and no progress. Is there a way to stop this process and start over? Every time I log onto the website to do so it jumps right back to this spot with no option of reentering the commands into the Raspbian Terminal. Help appreciated. Cheers.

Ah… you can try to push “Ctr” + “C” to stop the process. Can you upload some print screen with the problem?

tried control c a while back. Didn’t resolve the issue. After digging around on the blog, called up python3. Didn’t work. Given my lack of experience with all of this I created a new user account, inputed the new command code into the terminal and the download finished in seconds. Not sure where the road block was. Now hoping to interface some sensors with Cayenne to automate our hydroponics lab in our science classroom. If you could provide a link to some tutorials that would be excellent.

As far as tutorial just have a search on the forums, there are lots of projects out there now. If you have anything specific in mind you want to do let me know and I can point you in the right direction.

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Welcome to the Cayenne Community @cregini, glad you were able to get past the Pi Agent install issue you had. I’m surprised that making a new account did it (without making some change to the Pi), but I won’t argue with success :slight_smile: Certainly if the issue re-occurs in the future let us know what your terminal output looks like.

As far as Tutorials, you’re likely looking for this section of the site: Videos - Developer |

There we have all sorts of walkthroughs on adding devices/sensors/using the different features of Cayenne. If you have any questions about any of them, or run into something that wasn’t covered, please feel free to make a thread on the forum and we’ll help you out.

We also have this Projects section which you may have already found, where you can see completed projects from other users and staff, and get some inspiration for what you might want to build yourself.

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