Installing cayenne on raspberry pi3


I’m having problems trying to get Cayenne installed on RPI3. I am a Noob and had no issues with RPI2 but now with the SSH, I am having real difficulty. Is there a tutorial on getting it to work and getting the key?


I have used their video tutorials before:

Those tend to be very good


Thanks for the link, I appreciate it. I did find the problem ( Or I think I did anyway). For whatever reason, Cayenne did not “want” to install on the RPI3 until I went into the Raspi Config and changed the password to something more complex. Once I did that, it took right off. Not entirely sure if that was THE issue since I also did a clean install again just to make sure something wasn’t buggered up on my end.

thank you for your response.


You can install Cayenne by ssh terminal.
go to raspi-config and switch on ssh connection by Advanced Options.
Then install Cayenne on Raspberry Pi by terminal.