How can I connect my Raspberry pi to Cayenne?

I connect my Raspberry pi to Cayenne. What ssh should I give?


Good start is to read from here: Cayenne Docs

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Hi @Sidathbb, welcome to the Cayenne Community!

It’s all covered in that documentation, but specifically I would use ‘Option 2’ from the web dashboard install. Just login there and click the Raspberry Pi tile and follow the on screen instruction. You’ll get to a page titled ‘Connect your Raspberry Pi’ where it will provide the 2 commands you need to type via SSH. They are custom to your account otherwise I’d share them here.

If you get stuck along the way just ask, we’re happy to help.


Hello. I have a problem with the download. can not be installed.

i just did a new installation and all looks okay. Make sure you have port 1883 open on your router/firewall.

with a port like no problem

Can you try with a fresh raspbian installed on as card.

I installed this one 2 days ago

Try again with new installed

You are offering. Fully format the USB flash drive. make an image on it and install it on the board? I did it 2 days ago. Then I downloaded the latest updates. now all anew to do?

I reinstalled the system. nothing has changed. all as before. he still writes

@adam and @eptak tagging here for this.

Cayenne appears to be blocked in Russia I’m from the states so can’t say for sure. @eptak any updates on that yet?

now they seem to see a fee, but nothing can be done with it. how can this be remedied?

@alecsei-r the team is finding solution for your problem .Would you mind sharing you account with me ? You can PM me your login and password and change your password here if you need.

I had the same problem but for me it was as simple as setting the wifi credentials