Internet connection

Hi. Is it possible to have a setting where the RPI does not need an internet connection. Basically if my internet connection is down for 3 days i still want to be able to use the software to control my lights etc over the local wifi network.

Unfortunately not. With Arduino you can program in local controls but the RPi is locked down . If you really wanted to you could poke around in the python files but all those changes will be overwritten on an agent update. Maybe one of these days I’ll see if I can figure out what’s going on in the python and get some more control over it.

I’m currently running a python script with Cayenne running in the background on a RPI2. It does use more memory but I can control it remotely by using Remote Desktop Connection with a TKinter GUI interface. I had built this to run my pool pump as well as my pool bar. While the python script is running I can still control the outputs and monitor the inputs with Cayenne. Hope this helps:)