iOS project does not show up

  • I am publishing to Cayenne using MQTT, everything mostly works as expected on web dashboard

  • When I download the iOS app, login to my account and jump to Projects, I just get a status wheel spinning forever, and none of my projects show up?

  • I am on an iPhone7 and latest released iOS, 10.3

The current versions of our mobile apps (both iOS and Android) don’t yet support MQTT/LoRa devices – they can only display Raspberry Pi and Arduino at this time. This is our next planned feature release for both apps barring any necessary bug fixing updates, so these will be up to feature parity fairly soon.

That said, the iOS app should be ignoring those devices since it can’t process them, not getting stuck on them. So I’d expect the projects list to still load, but not display MQTT devices/widgets. Could you try force-closing and relaunching the app to see if that gets it to load?

If it doesn’t, and you’re comfortable doing so, I’d be interested in your account credentials (via Private Message) to see if we can reproduce this on our test iOS devices and locate the bug. You can change your password with this form. If you don’t want to do that, no worries – it’s probably not that urgent a bug to fix on our end as we’re going to have MQTT support in the app soon.