IOS project - Device is not showing when adding Action in Scheduler



I re-engineered a project that I built last year to MQTT and it works fine. There’s an actuator (button) that allows me to manually control wall sockets through a 433Mhz transmitter.

  • The board is currently a NodeMCU

  • IOS app v2.2.1(200.1.17)

Next thing I want is to schedule the button from my IOS app but I had problems doing so. Therefore:

  • I created a project in the webinterface (Firefox) and named it “IOThuis” .
  • I dragged my device to the project work space and selected the check box for my button
  • From the web interface I am now able to schedule actions and select the button.

In the IOS app I can see the “IOThuis” project, I can also see and manually use the button in the project. When I try to schedule an event and click:

  • Schedule
  • Add Action (fill out the name and other fields)
  • Add Action -> Device , it shows an empty screen with only a green header saying ‘Device’ . There is no list of devices or actuators.

In the calendar I don’t see the events I scheduled from the webinterface either

I have logged on again and even re-installed the IOS app but the Device list is still empty.
From the release notes I see that MQTT support was added in IOS app version V2.0 in April 2017.

Pls advise, thanks

Michiel Berkhof


Hi @ihatespam,
Can you please post screenshots of the issue you’re seeing?



Hi Jesse,

These are the IOS screenshots, when clicking ‘Device’ in the new Event screen I end up with an empty Device list. (From the web interface I can add events without a problem)




Verify that you are signing in to the same account on your mobile and web dashboard. There were a couple cases in the past that were signing in to different accounts.


Hi Adam,

I am indeed using the same (mydevices) account.
Also tried to create a new account but that also did not change the problem.

Since I can set my schedule through the web site and it is not that dynamic, I am fine with it.
I’ll close the ticket.

Btw: The scheduler itself works like a charm now after the rebuild of last year, nice work!