iOS scheduling

Hi I am using the pi3. I have it rigged up with relays to control my garden lighting. I am controlling this on my iPhone using the cayenne dashboard.

Before the recent iOS update, I was using scheduling to be able to control the times the lights came on and went off. There is not button on the new iOS app to do this.

Is there an update soon to bring this back and also, is there a way to do this on a PC instead for now?

It is not about the app or web browser. It is about the PI agent 2.0 in which scheduling feature is not currently available Raspberry Pi Agent 2.0.
there is a workaround to this, you have to add a new device using cayenne MQTT python library and add a custom button widget to turn ON/OFF relay. then you add a schedule to this button widget.GitHub - myDevicesIoT/Cayenne-MQTT-Python: Python Library for Cayenne MQTT API