Schedule issue

web interface

when i schedule a triger such as relay 1 ON at 1 pm and OFF at 2 PM and if i switched ON the pi at 1:30 pm the relay is OFF .
looks like that the schedules thing are ok but just if the pi or cayenne is online if not active it does not resume the schedule.

does one of you have the same issue ?

Hi @Armando

Raspberry Pi Scheduler events are run locally from that Pi via the Cayenne agent software. So if the Pi was offline at 1:00PM, I would expect that instance of that event to be skipped.

Can I ask, assuming this is a repeating event, if the ON/OFF schedule resumed OK the next time the events repeated with the Pi powered on and online?

Yes everything is back to normale after the power ON and connexion of the PIB back to internet
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From what I can see one feature will be very helpful is a maintains state of gpio for example : gpio ON from 2 to 7 pm is power goes off it will resume

Tks for the feedback