IoT Fireplace


About This Project

This is my fireplace projet. I started it because I wanted a way for my downstairs to stay warm without making my upstairs too hot. If I run the furnace, all my heat goes up on the second level because my vents in my place are very poorly positioned. I run the fireplace downstairs and in combination with the overhead fan evens the place out nicely. The fireplace already has a huge remote that I don’t care for. I figured why not control with with a microcontroller. Having a understanding of HVAC and fireplace systems, my particular unit was triggered by 30-50mv that it supplies itself. Meaning its basically a relay that when closed, activates the fireplace.

Well there happened to be a outlet under the fireplace… or so I thought. Turns out it wasn’t wired up to anything so I can’t use that I guess. Battery it is. I decided to use the Arduino Pro Mini with a relay…No need to add any code to the program because I can just do it all from the dashboard. I had the pro mini and the printed frame from my old aquarium setup so I repurposed that for the fireplace. Worked well. It gets it temp data from another project of mine that is just sensors.

What’s Connected

Arduino Pro Mini 5v 328P
5v Relay

Triggers & Alerts

I have a trigger set to turn it on once the room gets to below 70, and then to turn the fireplace off when it gets above 73.


Didn’t have any scheduling done as of now. Just relying on the triggers.

Dashboard Screenshots

Photos of the Project

The Judges Have Spoken! ~CONTEST RESULTS~

Nice project, but if the pro mini already has a temp sensor why not to use it to control fireplace’s temperature?


It doesn’t have a temp sensor. Wouldn’t be too hard to add one. The remote part that was already there is just simply a on or off. No thermostat.


Then, what do you mean by “temp”? Temporal or temperature?


Oh I see what you mean. Yea that is what I have it doing, it sets it to turn on when it gets below 70, and then off when it hits 73. I’ll have that project posted later today when I get home.


Okay, waiting for your post then!:grin: