Smart Home using Remote Sensing, Control & Monitoring (IOT)

About This Project

A Smart home prototype using automatic lighting and controlling the intensity of light, automatic door, temperature control, and smoke detection and sending an alarm to the authorized person.

What’s Connected

Arduino Mega ADK board, ESP8266-01 as a WiFi shield, photo resistor, LEDs, LCD, a potentiometer for LCD brightness setting, LM35DZ temperature sensor, MQ2-Smoke detector, H-bridge, DC Motor to control a door, Fan whose speed changes proportionally to the temperature , Buzzer to alarm in case there is any smoke, another Buzzer to work as an alarm clock using event and scheduling feature.

Triggers & Alerts

When smoke level exceeds a certain level Cayenne’s sends an alerting email & SMS to the user also the Buzzer in the house works and the LCD displays a warning message.


Scheduling ,in this project, is used to trigger a buzzer at a set time to work as an alarm clock.

Dashboard Screenshots

Photos of the Project

The door from outside the house

Top view for the house prototype

Wall mounted photoresistor and smoke detector

Fan and switched off LEDs

LCD displaying the temperature

Fan and switched on LEDs

House view from outside

Open door from inside the house

House view from another side

Control room in the house containing the components


This video shows a part of the project


I love the prototype! Let us know when you get the video :slight_smile: And thanks for participating, I will be sending all projects to our very qualified judges soon.


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Thanks for your reply and I’m so glad that you loved the prototype :blush: Now you can watch the added video for a part of the project.


Hey @Mohammed_Hany, I’m on the Cayenne team and got word last week that saw your article and loved it!

They just wrote an article about top smart home devices and asked if we’d let you know that they enjoyed the creativity in your project. We’re always glad to hear when Cayenne users get recognition and will share your project on social media. Do you have a Twitter handle?

Here’s that article:


Hey @vmnguyen , Thanks for telling me this great news :blush: , and my twitter handle is @Med0_MH