IoT Hardware - Making it easy


Hey folks!

I love using Cayenne to access my IoT projects and showing off the simple to use interface to friends and co-workers. What I didn’t see straight away was a quick list of compatible hardware that people have used to make interfaces.

So I bring to you my list v1.0.

What I’m going to do is share a few hardware pieces that I’ve used with success and ask the community to step up and contribute to the list.

Please list the following:

  1. Hardware used (include things like serial/model number)
  2. Quick description of how you used it. (2-4 sentences is more than enough)
  3. Where can other people get this piece of tech. (Point us at real vendors, not crooks)
  4. Estimated cost.

Please no spam, no trolling, and be helpful!

I’ll add my first two to get this ball rolling!

  1. IOT Relay

  2. Using this to plug in a lamp that I can switch on and off easily without making wiring modifications. Plug in and control two relay operated plugs with Raspberry PI. The other two plugs are always on.

  3. You can order direct or via Amazon with this link

  4. About $20 USD


SainSmart 4-Channel Relay Module

I used this as my prototype to code up some simple Python examples of manipulating relays before I found Cayenne. Simple but serious relays that you can use to enable internet access and manipulate with Cayenne but you have to do the wiring yourself. I’ve been using this unit to control my prototyping power supply on my test bench. When I start more home control work, I’m probably starting with units like this.

You can order from their website or via Amazon with this link

About $8 USD.


Sonoff WiFi Switch, 90Vac to 240Vac, 10 Amp

Cayenne Load-able (Esp8266),-just add headers.
Use it as an in-line Wifi switch on an extention cord,
or appliance/light/fan cord.
Simply cut the cord and install where desired in the line,
Power-In Plug on Left,
Power-Out on right.
-you can even access an additional programmable GPIO!


I’ve used the IoT relay for stuff here at the office, it works great!