Help selecting hardwares for a Proof of Concept

Hi all !

I have a project that I would like to test and realize using mydevices. Please, I would like to know if you can help me by selecting the most simple / cost effective hardware to make the following set-up.

The project consist of the installation of:

  • one main station connected to internet with main power supply 220Vac
  • several devices powered with batteries with on each device: 1 x relay output and 1 x input for counting pulse from reedswitch

The main station should be connected to a simple database. The main station has also several DI (at minimum 8 and should be expendable). The following function will be used:

  1. When DI n°1 is activated => close relay of device n°1
  2. When pulse are counted on a Lora devices => send the amount of pulse back to the station and record them in the database with time stamps

Therefore, If anyone of you can help me just to select which equipment we should buy to make the first prototype ?

For the mainstation, I was thinking of a RPI with a piface but what abouth the lora on the RPI ?

Many thanks to all for your help

Keep up the good work !


Thats is quite a board topic. So do you want to use out of the box sensor and actuator or want to start with dev boards and connect sensor/actuator to it?
There are lora pi hat available which you can use to send data but you have to encode it into cayenneLPP format so as to cayenne can recognise your data.

Thanks for your quick reply. Regarding the sensor and actuator, I was thinking to try with available items out of the boxs available on the market.

I will dig into your link.

Thanks :v:

you can search for out of box device in the cayenne dashboard device search bar.