IoT Home using Cayenne. Lighting, environmental, landscape and security control

…that makes my Cayenne WiFi Home pretty much out of the question…
:confused: …JK…kind of…
(7) 4’ x 8’ panels,
to make (3) 4’ x 4’ room-etts, a 12’ x 4’ x 8’ tall pre-fab demo,
36 switches (4 per wall)
18 switched receptacles
3 fan lights
9 wall sconces.
electric door strike.
door mag switches.
6 motion detectors
(a teeny garage door opener?)
would make a good demo to showcase Cayenne.
That would cost about $500 in building materials (not including fixtures).
(9) pieces of sheetrock, $150
Only rock interior, leave other exposed so peeps can see wiring kewlness,
(32) 8’ 2x4s, $80
(5) 8’ 4X4, $75
50’ 14-2 and 50’ 14-3 Romex- $60
10’ SO 12/3 whip w/plug + 15amp Switch Fusetron
switches/receptacles/plates- $40
(100) electric wall boxes- $28
(3) ceiling fanlight mount $6
(3) ceiling fan lights (go crazy on this one…)
…wall sconces, floor lamps, I dunno…
how much stuff do you wanna switch in each 4’ x 4’ cubby?
Each one of my Avon devices can 3-way (2) lighting and fanlight circuits,
and add an additional (2) software/hardware switches.
The Allie units can half-switch all the 16" low receptacles.
…it would make a pretty demo
but I’m not gonna spend money on it…
sounds like a fun project, though…
(9) Avonelles
(12) Allies
(12) 3-ways…
12Vdc power supply
That’s $210 in PC boards.
About $500 in electronics parts.