Issue accessing mydevices from android app

HI comunity!
Fromm Last december i started to use cayenne system and android app successfully and i made some usefull iot projects. From some days, everytime i start the app, i find the session logged, the devices list correct but under the device page the sensor list is empty. To solve the issue i have to logoff the session and then logon. Someone says why this appens? It’s some kind of expiration for the free account?

I am experiencing the same problem. But the same application runs well on the desktop pc. Should be a problem of the Android application. It does not see the connected devices. Please help. Thank you

I am experiencing the same problem on my Android phones

Hi @andycloud76 @manrobles @ismail.hirawan,

Sorry for the late reply here. We’ve made some updates since this topic was created…how are things looking with Android?


Actually us everyting ok with Android app. From about three monts no issues

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