New Android App Update 1.4.0-90 issue

Hi, i just update new Cayenne Android App, and i see that my Device disapear, while my Projects is displayed BUT empty.

Does i must Add new Device ? Or wait for a new update of the App ? or ?


@rsiegel @bestes tagging for this bug.


Which devices disappeared? Arduino, Raspberry Pi or something else?
Also, can you share a screenshot of what you’re seeing?
Is it only happening on the Cayenne Android App? How about on a desktop browser, like Chrome?

Any additional info would be helpful.


I got 2 device : ESP01 and WEMOS. And 2 projects : ProjetRed and wemos . I could play with them on web dashboard

on android app only wemos device displayed (added today) and working

I see projetRed (of ESP01 device) but empty

All device are esp8266 with arduino ide and mqtt

Hi @SuperNinja,
Thanks for sharing the screenshots.
I am unable to reproduce this issue on our side.
Is it possible you can PM me your login info, so we can go in & check?

Also, you can try uninstalling the app & reinstalling?


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Similar problem here. I don’t know if I updated the app overnight, but I see many changes to website.

Here is my Win 10 Chrome view of my devices:

but on the Android App, the 8266 devices have disappeared, and the sensors contained in those devices are gone. The 1Capri project has sensors from 3-4 devices, but most are gone on the App. The TSL2561 device is a mqtt program running on a Raspberry Pi.

Hi @jameszahary,
Would it be possible for you to PM me your Login/Password, so we can try to see what’s going on? We’re unable to duplicate here in our lab.


me too facing the same problem

Thanks @jameszahary. @pavankumar488 @SuperNinja we’re looking into issue now and I think we found the fix. Keep you updated.


@bestes seems to have found the problem. Do you still want my login/pass?

My esp8266 also no longer shows up in the android app since the most recent update. The devices page in the app says “no devices added”, but It still shows up using the web client on windows. Seems like you may have found a solution so fingers crossed.

Hi @SuperNinja,
Not necessary. @bestes and I are working on this and we think we have isolated the problem.

We should have a fix very soon!


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Hi @SuperNinja, @legoc3po @pavankumar488, @jameszahary,
We just released an update that should fix the issue with the missing widgets in projects. Can you please update your Cayenne App on Android & see if it has been solved?
You can also download the latest from here:
Cayenne v1.4.1:

Look forward to everyone’s feedback.

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@jcruz1 it’s ok for me , device Come backup , good Job :ok_hand:

@jcruz1 Missing devices are back after latest android app update :+1:
Off: Will any of the future updates include in-app/push notifications for sensors?

Hi Everyone,
Glad to hear we fixed the issues with the Android App.

@Agroelektronik, that’s great. And yes, we do plan on adding push notifications for the mobile apps, although, we don’t have an ETA of when that’ll be available.

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