Issue with adding new device

I followed the steps to add a push button. After copy, paste the sketch file and compile the sketch, the pin setting is still inactive. I have made the connection of the push button to Arduino board on a breadboard as illustrated in the tutorial page.

I didn’t see any difference of the sketch codes from the previous adding of Arduino. Please assist.

it’s okay, the function is inside the Cayenne library.
It works?

Nope…I can’t add the sensor as the pin setting is inactive

What do you use for connection (Ethernet shield, Serial, …)?

I am using Ethernet shield

On which pin you have a button attached?
On some pins, there is communication between the arduino and the ethernet shield.

According to tutorial, the connection is at pin 7.

I did the wire connections on the ethernet shield. I suppose it is the
correct way, since the shield is on top of uno now?
I have wired a push button switch to pin 7, through supply of 3.3V from the

Button must be connected to 5V pin.

Hi I managed to create the widget. However it did not respond when I press
the button.

Please show some photo or screenshot. It would help me in finding the problem.

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Please also share the code you are using