Issue with usb serial

Raspberry pi 3b w/ raspbian
Arduino uno
Web dash and android

Before I received my esp12e, I was testing out cayenne by using my arduino uno via USB serial to my raspberry pi. It worked. I had set the server script to run at boot.

Now that I’m using an esp12e there is no need to use the usb serial server to send data to cayenne. However, if my sketch sets the serial baud rate to the same as the serial usb server baud rate it connects to cayenne, but once the esp12e is disconnected from the raspberry pi and then powered in a different location, it never connects. It also appears that it doesnt connect to wifi.
Changing the baud rate in my sketch solved the issue.

Also to be noted, the internet connection on the pi acts irregularly when the baud rate isn’t different.

i did not understand your hardware connection. you have esp12e connected to arduino and also to raspberry pi?