Keep Dashboard Displayed Without Logging In Again


1. What OS? (Wheezy or Jessie)


2. What class/size SD card? (ex. class 10 16gb)

8gb class 4

3. What Model Pi? (A+, A, B+, B, Pi2)


4. Please describe the bug / issue. Attaching any relevant screenshots would be very helpful! Thanks in advance.

Is there a way to keep the dashboard displayed using a web browser? I would like to have my dashboard constantly displayed as a home status wall monitor.

However when I return to the room after an extended time, I find the Cayenne login screen asking me to click to log in again.


We’ll let you configure your timeout preference. In your situation, could be a ‘never’ option. So yes this is coming!


Great! Thanks! I search for previous threads regarding this subject and did not find the one you referenced.

I would think the ability to continuously display the dashboard would be an important feature.


Absolutely agree, With all the different home automation involved with Iot , its a huge help to keep the screen alive to see the status of what on and off etc…glad its on the cards…


Another yes vote from me on this one! Not a huge pain yet, but with the project based dashboards now available i’m wanting to put a status board together and have it running 24/7. needing to click to login just adds one more step. the timeout option with a “Never” option would be perfect!