LCD Support?


Are there any plans to add LCD support?

Could display system info, and “toggling status” when switching things on/off?

I did see that I2C support was mentioned in another post.


To add to this idea:

  • We use in schools here in NZ the serial back pack 2x16 LCD as a starting point. This could be a standard item
  • 4D systems put out some Very Cool OLED tiny video displays that can be interfaced in a variety of ways. They have a specific video / touch screen slab that drops onto the Pi and off loads video and screen processing. DO lok these up. Very nice and well documented. Their basic OLED mini screens interface with just AT type commands over serial and carry a uSD card that can carry video, media or use it for storage.
    ~ Andrew
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Good questions for @eptak

Hi Andrew and Derik,

  • LCD display like the one from Adafruit is in our device-to-support list, but not yet scheduled
  • I guess simple AT based screen could be supported as well with some work, we did not listed that. Can you share a reference to look on ?


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I was thinking just one of the general HD44780 models, since they’re easy to come by,
and can be wired using I2C or USB which minimizes the amount of GPIO’s needed.

Ex: Search Results for 'hd44780' on Adafruit Industries
(They have links to datasheets here)

Is this okay for a reference?

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Thanks, I know that for the first point, which use parallel interfacing.
But andrew mentioned “AT command based” OLED display

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Recommend something like the ‘Serial Backpack’ interfaced systems that handle the bit bashing of these basic, common and cheap LCD. Or something like i2c interface since multi parallel wiring direct is common on PIC Arduino type things at a low level but on a Pi would be getting a bit messy.

Reference to the AT style commanded OLED dirplays from 4D systems… This is Not and advert but do look them up some time if you are into powerful smart display devices can off load video from Pi. 4D Documentation and general finish I think is superb. These are just serial driven the way I used them but they will have multi bus options.

~ A

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