Support for ESP8266


First off a big thanks to @bestes for coming out to Riverside,CA this week to give the Riverside Raspberry Pi users group a rundown on what the Cayenne product is all about. We are all looking forward to seeing where this goes.

I know you guys have the ESP8266 module in your sights for future support which I think is an excellent idea. I believe that device will become a big player in the ad hoc IoT landscape down the road. Based on my experience with the PyBoard, I think once MicroPython is officially supported on the ESP8266 it’s going to make that device even more accessible to a lot more people for developing IoT solutions.


Thanks @jennasys, I thoroughly enjoyed the session. Always good to get some direct feedback from the people that we’re building this product for!

Thanks for posting the links and info here. I hadn’t heard of MicroPython. @eptak check out the links


Support for ESP8266 would be great, but even better if Cayenne would support Python directly - this was mentioned in relation to my LM35 temperature sensor request, that it is in the roadmap. @eptak, any updates when Python will be implemented? Will be nice to program the custom sensors and triggers by writing small Python modules!..


I can’t tell, it’s currently in spec


We’ll be discussing this and looking at mock-ups at this online meetup, be great if you could join.


Any other thoughts or updates on the esp8266? I have 8 of them deployed in home automation project that I’d really like to leverage with cayenne…


Releasing Arduino first, then will likely switch to ESP8266 devices. Goal is to have Arduino by end of May, So ESP will be sometime after that. Hang in there!



It will be connected Arduino to the Raspberry Pi via I2C or Ethernet Shield or ESP8266?


Arduino will be able to be put onto Cayenne dashboard as a stand alone device. You won’t need to connect it to Raspberry Pi.



If I understand correctly, an arduino already on your network (wired or wireless) would be seen by the dashboard, correct? And likewise for a stand alone esp8266 with a correctly configured wireless connection.
Then there would be the option as well of using an arduino+esp8266 (acting as a pass-through) with only the arduino being seen by the dashboard…sweet baby jesus I can hardly wait!


As long as the Arduino has internet connection, we would basically give you a unique auth token that’s specific to your Cayenne account, and you would use the auth token in your Arduino code which would ensure that your data shows up on the Cayenne dashboard. So, it doesn’t even need to be in the same network, per say.

Same here!



Ya, me too. The suspense is killing me…