Let's decide on the best possible hardware to run a small, slick, battery powered temp and humidity sensing device

Problem statement: create a portable, affordable (sub $25), compact, battery powered, wifi-capable device that reports temperature and humidity to Cayenne.

Use cases: place one everywhere you want to monitor temp, humidity.

Baseline: I have this set up using a Arduino Yun and a DHT11. Not compact, not affordable, not battery powered.


ESP8266 and DHT11


I second that!

I third that!

Thanks all. Any suggestions as far as vendor goes? A URL to a product page would help (I know how to use Google :slight_smile: but looking for something that you have tried before and is reliable)

I’m biased (as far as “vendors”)-
2022 Hackaday Prize is being sponsored by Digi-Key.
I’m definitely a Digi-Key fanboy-

Adafruit- not so much…
They’re selling a $5 RasPi Zero
for $19 a pop… :frowning: in SINGLE quantities ONLY…


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Got plenty of DHT11 lying around :slight_smile: looking for the ESP8266

well- what “flavor” Esp8266?
I bought (10) Esp12-e units
from eBay seller “survy2014”
for $23.30 + $1.85 shipping.
-It took 10 days to receive them in the mail.
Not too bad…
I took a gamble, never used that seller before,
but it worked out well.

I love Digi-Key! If you ever find yourself in Thief River Falls, Minnesota, you can tour their facility, almost a million square feet and 3,000 employees in a town of 8,000 people.

Very close to my hometown. Visit in January for the most authentic experience :snowflake:

…that thought shrivels my tenders…
but yes- I’d rather pay a teeny bit extra to ensure that the product I buy isn’t a knockoff, -and that the people shipping me the item have a decent job. It’s a “social responsibility” thing.
Digi-Key has always treated me very nicely.

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Thief River Falls is about 6 hours from me, always wanted to stop by and see if they would entertain a nerd’s dream…

Just saw this as a similar thread when I made my project page. I did exactly this here Battery Powered ESP8266 Temperature/Humidity Monitor with DHT11

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