ESP8266 NodeMCU with DHT11 connected to Cayenne and AlexaPI

Hello guys,

I made a project that connects a NodeMCU with a DHT11 to a cloud service from IBM, and then using MQTT I published this events to platforms such as Cayenne, using the “Bring Your Own Device” function, and to AWS (Alexa).

Please check it out and if you like vote for the contest I’m participating :smiley:


Hi @joaoduarte_89,

I am just now seeing this project! I wish I would have seen it in time to vote for it :frowning:

This project includes so many applications too, I love it! By chance did you create your video yet? I have not yet seen Cayenne work with Alexa and am very interested to see it working.

THANK YOU for submitting this project and letting us know about the great work that you did.


Hi @bestes!

Thanks a lot for your feedback. I’m planning to create the video this week so I’ll post it once its done. I’m also planning this week to segment that tutorial into simple parts so everyone can understand it.

I’m the one that REALLY needs to Thank YOU!
The purpose why I have done that project was really a need, and not just for fun.
My father went through a lung surgery and got an infection…One of the requirements that his doctor pointed, was that the temperature and the humidity of his house needed to be controlled since that is one of the main factors of relapse.

That is where Cayenne helped us a lot! Since my father is an old person, and computers are a bit scary for him, I set Cayenne as the main page of his browser so he could easy see the values of the sensors. I also set triggers so when those values reach some threshold, he would be notified!
Everything is going well, and at some point thanks to you!


I’m also looking at this now and was wondering if you have a video yet that one can see it in action. thanks