LHT65 and LPS8 network

connected 3 sensors and a GW for a POC, yet to find out how can one add users and tenancy for a BtoC business model. what kind of user levels can i invite to the project dashboard

if you want to sell your project to customer then you can try our sister platform https://mydevices.com/work-with-us/

We have our own devices and looking for only a dashboard with tenancy options



you can integrate your device to cayenne here https://mydevices.com/iot-ready-program/

This login page is broken, I already have a demo account on cayenne and the page you’ve sent me will not allow me to login since im a user of cayenne.


if my vendor devices are listed how can I see a demo of the capability of cayenne iot ready program? And what are the prices per device or per user ? how many users can see the same device and how do I make some users only view and some as trigger writer or device adder


is this the only option to log in some users for the same devices?




can you ask all your concern in the chat option on the bottom right corner.
you can login here https://accounts.mydevices.com/auth/realms/cayenne/login-actions/authenticate?client_id=iot-ready&tab_id=f6qqTLKyK5A
if it says already logged in, then logout first.