Has any restful apis to create user and add device?


I want to use mydevices as an adapter of my platform,but i don’t know how to establishing relationship between my user and mydevices through my platform.Now ,I have to login and add device by mydevices website.has any solution?


Hi @2117704062, welcome to the Cayenne Community.

Right now, the Cayenne API is for communication to and from boards added through the API so you can read sensors, trigger actuators, etc. It doesn’t allow for account-level actions like creating or manipulating Cayenne accounts at this time, though this may be added as an enterprise level feature in the future.

Are you a hardware manufacturer? If so I encourage you to Enroll for our IoT Ready program using the form at that link. It will put you in touch with our business development team who are best positioned to discuss your needs for a custom solution.