Local Access To GPIO & Sensor Data From Raspberry Pi

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I am using a Raspberry Pi Zero and I was wondering if there is a method to access the sensor data being captured by Cayenne for use with other applications running on the Raspberry Pi. Additionally, I have a python script that uses GPIO that is run on the same Pi as Cayenne. I believe that the Cayenne agent(s) have the GPIO resource and my python script no longer works. Is there an API or other method for accessing data or controlling GPIO in Cayenne from external programs?



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Hmmm…like what applications? We’re creating an API that will give you access to your data points. Check this out too: Get sensor values in another app [workaround solution!] - #9 by Ian

There will be, not yet though. Designing it now. We are also working on a way to allow you to insert your own code into Cayenne, for example your python script.

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Yes for me. This sounds acceptable. Like a python ‘sand box’ ? This would answer the call of nature for me, for anyone wanting to create some versatile, one off, creative things. This would keep it all in house which would be nicer for project export-ability. Being able to share the projects and examples would be more stable and in house, kind of tested. Would the python do be standard / do pyserial of ttyAMA0 etc.

Popular items and approaches could be made into features, gadgets, tools
~ Andrew