Can we make our own custom app to control our rpi through internet?


I have my android app,i want to control gpio og my rpi through it,how can i do it?


Hi @rushabh123453, welcome to the Cayenne community!

This is something we’re quite seriously investigating in the first half of 2017. Right now in order to interface with Cayenne you need to use our the dashboard in our Cayenne mobile app, or the web based Cayenne dashboard. Please check back often as we’ll surely make a big announcement here when the platform is opened to this sort of custom app solution.


How can one access to raspberry pi from anywhere,i am currently using Cayenne app and dashboard,but i want to know the protocol or the algorithm from which i can access to rpi from anywhere?
I wont forget to mention the source as Cayenee.


Hi, you need to use the Cayenne app, or the web dashboard, to do this. When we say ‘access from anywhere’ we mean ‘anywhere with an internet connection’, and using our software or website to do so.

If we expand this to a situation where you can build a custom app around our platform, or embed Cayenne dashboard widgets into your website, or anything like this in the future, we’ll be sure to announce it here.


I would love this feature to enable me to ingrate my Pi connected sensors into Samsung SmartThings.