Locally Sourced Output vs. Cloud Based


My first application uses 4 1Wire Temperature sensors intended to monitor a Brewing Process. It occurs to me that having to depend on the Internet to receive temperature status “at best” will be somewhat latent or worse case…Unavailable! It would be highly desirable to be able to use the Cayenne tool to quickly develop applications and have the option to have a CLOUD BASED or Locally Served output of vital information. Case in point, is being able to finely control a temperature process by heating or cooling as appropriate in a timely fashion is CRITICAL to Brewing Success.

Thanks…Love the convenience of the application and the ease it affords an amateur in building useful apps.


Hi @bhassell,

We’ve received request for ability to run Cayenne on local servers so not reliant on cloud. This is definitely something we are going to look into after we get some of major upcoming features out. But this local access is likely many months away. Thanks for bringing this up!