Platform questions

I am looking to move our beer fermentation control to iot.

It currently is controlled via an arduino that dumps a data stream to a computer via usb and displayed with a very basic python GUI interface.

We would like to be able to view and control fermentation temps offsite.

We need to be able to view temps of 3 fermenters and control 3 set points

Is this the right platform? That monthly costs are associated ?

Thanks steve

once you have a arduino code running and getting the value from sensor, then it very easy to show this value on cayenne dashbaord,
use this command:
Cayenne.virtualWrite(0, x);
where x is the value of sensor.

can you give more detail about this.

It’s the temperature when the cooler turns on.

I just need to send data to the arduino.

Mostly I’m looking for the pricing structure.


@bestes will know about this.

If you are looking for 3 sensors to monitor, that will always be free. There was some pricing discussion a while back, but that was more about selling products that use the Cayenne service.