LoRa, lariot

Hello. Please I saw LoRA and lariot. Are they part of the cayenne features or just under mydevices like cayenne.

Hi @odirionye,

LoRa is a low-power, long range wireless network technology. It’s ideal for situations where the sensor/actuator/IoT device may be located somewhere that is out of range of a traditional WiFi or Cellular network, or for applications where there isn’t a traditional or consistent wired power source. For example a sensor in a farm field running on only a battery.

Loriot (and Actility, Senet and Orbiwise) are all public LoRaWAN networks which are currently supported by Cayenne, and you can see the list of supported devices, and on which networks they run, here: Cayenne Docs

I’m not sure if I fully understand your original question but I hope this helps you get started. Cayenne supports the connectivity of LoRa devices, and we’re expanding the list of supported devices and networks every week.