Low battery alert


Hello all !

I have idea but maybe it also working, it’s possible to have trigger for alert when battery is low ( when rasp work on battery ) ? it’s can be good idea i think !

Tell me more !



I know this project, but I have never build my own version:

Also Spakrfun has a product, that might help to you:

Please check these and then we can discuss more ideas :wink:


I Thibault il.s can be better idéal, on raspberry you can see if you batterie is low. If we can found this program we can put on Cayenne, maybe, i don.t Know if it.s possible…

Sorry if is not clear, i.m not english !


And sorry if Word is not correct i write on my phone and it’s programmed on french it.s big problem with autocorrection…


Don’t worry. I understand what you mean. I will try to find a solution!


@adrien.testas @ognqn.chikov

Hmmm, is there a way you can send that battery level to Cayenne so we can create a widget for it?



@ognqn.chikov @rsiegel @bestes what about this. https://www.instructables.com/id/Arduino-Battery-Voltage-Indicator/
then send the value to cayenne guage widget.
i have not tired this but i think it should work.


If you can get a Battery voltage, percentage, or ratio calculated, we have a nifty battery widget available through the MQTT API!

A statement like client.virtualWrite(5, batteryPercentage, "batt", "p") will populate it:


You could then build a trigger statement off of the state of this widget to alert you.


As @rsiegel says, you can use the mqtt api :slight_smile:


Oooo I like that. I have a VCC reading on one of my projects, I’ll have to turn that into a percent and use that.


It also takes volts with a v as the unit type, and a “ratio” with r (I’m not quite sure a ratio of what – @croczey do you know?)

But it looks like those still displaying as a percentage, so probably best to stick with a % value for now :slight_smile: