Pi Power Status LED As a Cayenne Dashboard Input

We have built a nice ultra low battery powered Solar Powerd Pi0w platform. It is DC powered up by uAmp idling micro runs for 10 minutes every hour. It would be nice to know if the state of the Low Voltage / LED / Warning has been triggered as part of the monitor and control feature

Does anyone know of a handy script or process to pick this low volts / brown out state. It would be hand if it could be monitored in python or by other method forwarded to the a Cayenne dashboard.

~ A

Not sure if you can do this, rather check the google, you might find something related.
Also, you can continue all your doubt under one topic for cayenne related issue of your project

It looks like you can monitor GPIO 35.


Thanks for these ideas.

I think rather than follow the status of the LED the better way would be to dev some script and find the bit within the vcgencmd get_throttled command.
vcgencmd get_throttled
This returns a hex number in which the following bits may be set:
0: under-voltage
1: arm frequency capped
2: currently throttled
16: under-voltage has occurred
17: arm frequency capped has occurred
18: throttling has occurred

This could be handy for monitoring the other states and tracking issues and bugs in stressed hardware. Will update if I get something like a script together that posts to a custom dashboard widget

~ A

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