Lpp.Cayenne Unwanted Downlink

My TTN application is integrated to Cayenne, using Lpp payload format.
EU868, Class A

With one of my sensor nodes, I get unwanted downlinks( at port 99) for uncorfirmed messages.
How to cancel it ?

Before this issue happened, I have played with ADR and scheduled downlink via Analog Output.
I have tried to delete device from Cayenne and then register again but not solved.
(registered with the same device id/name)

Please help.
Thank you.

can you share the payload at the device console?

Hi, @shramik_salgaonkar

I see, currently TTN console for actions is not available in general. I will share when it will be on.
Downlink message was at port 99 and payload 1e0000ff (in Cayenne downlink payload format)

Thank you

value = VALUE_2BYTES / 100
no matter of digital or analog
so for the digital actuator on channel 2 being activated, payload sent would be 020064FF
disabling it : 020000FF
the FF is a termination byte
always here equal to 0xFF

As you commented, this is the LPP downlink payload format always including 4 bytes;
channel, dataH, dataL, FF in HEX.

Why I get this downlink to every uncomfirfed message of this device?

I might have sent once a message including an Analog/Digital Output on channel 1E.
And then scheduled a downlink. This is possible because I was trying downlink function from Cayenne Dashboard.

Now, How to avoid this auto downlink messages from my Cayenne app to this sensor device.

I have tried to delete device from my Cayenne app and register again but still have downlinks to this device. Does Cayenne app still require a comfirmation from the device ?

This is my data traffic;

do you any trigger setup, which sends a downlink.
can you private message me your email_id