Cayenne LPP 2.0 through TTN

Hi folks,
I found out yesterday of the Cayenne LPP 2.0 specification which allows for smaller payloads on FPORT 2.
I just did some testing by sending data on FPORT 2.0, but it doesn’t seem to come through via TTN.
Any message that is formatted using channel ID + sensor ID (e.g. 02 67 00FE 03 73 2764) comes through properly on any port, and even on FPORT 2 maps to the relevant channels (2 and 3) with proper sensor ID (temperature and pressure).

Sending the payload without channel numbers (e.g. 67 00FE 73 2764) fails regardless of the port: the data just does not appear on Cayenne even though TTN receives the payload and forwarded it.

On TTN, it looks both identical.

This indicates that I cannot use the Cayenne LPP 2.0 specification which omits channel ID on fport = 2.

Is there a way to use the 2.0 specification through TTN, or is this not possible?

It is mandatory to use the channel and follow the format as specified which is channel datatype data

Thanks for your reply! Does that mean that the LPP 2.0 specification is not integrated? And sending on another fport does not help?

Fport is not considered for CyanneLPP device type on the dashboard. it will decode data which is in correct caynnelpp format irrespective of the port.