Make LoRa network more explicit when adding new device via search

The UX is a bit misleading when adding new device via search, because it’s not immediately obvious if the device you selected is available for multiple networks, and that the first network was implicitly selected.

E.g. if you go here and type ‘Yabby’ in to the search, you get a result, but it is default to Actility.
In my case I am using Helium, so I ‘got stuck’ until I realized that you had to first click ‘Helium’ and then search, in which case the correct network is selected.

When you add a new device the steps are:- Add device ----> lora ----> select network server ---> device
While search also you need to select the NS first and then the device.

Yeah, it makes sense once it’s explained, but I think it would improve the user experience to make it more obvious which network has been implicitly selected.

Better would be to force the user to explicitly select the network.

Yup. Thanks for the suggestion.

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